Ilya Shatalov (r.1973)
, Russian tattoo artist, tattoo and medical permanent makeup (cosmetic tattooing). Got in Krasnodar artistic and aesthetic education in the oldest school named V.Filippov.

Early life

Ilya grew up in a family of teachers in Siberia. Father was the director of the sports c
and brought up by therein since childhood physical strength through hockey, martial arts, hand to hand combat. These kills were useful to him in the service of the army.

From the student's to the art of tattoos

Ilya while learning was always thinking about tattoos: "In all societies, male or female, who did not feature in some way - changed from their natural state - is, in a sense, the arts ... unintelligible body jewelry is a type of language or code, who spoke through the hair, injury (pierced ears), a tattoo or painting (make-up). In the West because of our obsession with clothes for almost all parts of the body ... we have a limited amount of skin available for use as a cosmetic language . Most of us forgot that perhaps the first work of art dedicated to the combination of form and color were carried out on the skin. "After training at art school decided to become a tattoo artist.

 Medical tattoos

 During his apprenticeship Ilya thought, how can mask the scars and re-create the hair-thinline techniques he learned while working portraits and sculptures. He translated these lessons in redrawing the lips, repainting skin grafts according to the surrounding areas, and masking surgery scars. Shortly he began to receive directions from the doctors, beauticians and plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Ilya showed them how the tattoo can recover lost eyebrows alopecia areata,  repigment areas affected by vitiligo, or re-create the nipples on mastectomy patients

Permanent make-up

Ilya knew that his medical skills tattoo can also improve the appearance of women. Eyeliner, eyebrows and lips become a big part of his practice. The first assignment involves consultation with other scheduled at least a few weeks for the actual  procedure. He wanted his clients understand that this was a serious commitment. It was not long before the idea of a permanent cosmetic practice is spreading everywhere.

Educator and Consultant

Ilya began training with seminars on the first  congress of NCTA in 2005 to the lips and cheeks blush. Instructor since 2008 for advanced instruction on tattoos and permanent make-up, and continues to offer workshops and classes in cosmetic and decorative tattoos as in Russia and other countries.